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Due to growing ecological requirements, there is a growing demand for bores that can be manufactured in high quantities and with a high precision in terms of surface quality and bore geometry.

In modern manufacturing, Diamond & CBN honing stones represent the most cost effective and best technological solution. read more ...

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Geometry of Honing Stones
The dimension of the honing stone depends on the design of the honing holder/mandrel. In particular, the height of the abrasive layer is defined by the I possible infeed path of the holder. For the sake of clarity, some type of honing stones are given as below:

• Standard honing stone

• Slotted standard honing stone
• Solid honing stone
• Compact honing stone

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Cylinder Block
Connection Rod
Components of an injection pump Transmision Gear
Various influences determine the result of the honing The characteristics of a honing stone as well as a fine tuning of all the different parameters make it possible to achieve the required result. In addition to high quality in manufacturing, both a short processing time and a long life of the stones can be achieved. The selection of the appropriate abrasive is the task of highly experienced experts.


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